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Diary of a freelance writer #2

How I discover how easy it is to walk into a career in erotic fiction, learn that I need to say what I want, what I really, really want, oh, and get chance to plug myself on BBC radio.

This comes up on Google Images on a search for "freelance writer". It's not truly representative as I'm actually wearing Uggs & legging

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Diary of a freelance writer #1

The story so far…

After 6 years working for agencies in the search marketing sector, the most likely progression route for my career would have taken me further and further away from the things I think I’m good at and like doing.  There would have been more man management (I’m nice and supportive, rather than bossy and strict, which is what you need to be) with more spreadsheet shuffling than writing.  So, I took the brave (or foolish) decision to step out on my own and try to make it as a freelance writer.

Yosser Hughes 'Boys From The Blackstuff' - NOT the author!

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