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Comment spammers do say the funniest things

I love Comment Spammers, they always have something nice to say, well, almost always.  Sometimes they are so complimentary I’m tempted to give in and give them the link they want. I like to pretend they are real people, not bots, part of my extended online family.  Here are some highlights from the comments I’ve received (all genuine).

Comment spam

Comment spam

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News about two up-coming website projects

A quick glance at the posts on this blog would give you the impression that all I do is watch TV and mess around on Pinterest, well that’s not completely true.


Apart from my freelance writing work, I’m working on two new projects of my own – and they need a lot of content, so if you would like to get involved do let me know!

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Today’s linkbait is brought to you by Tinkebell who turned her cat into a handbag

This week’s Samantha Brick is a Dutch artist who goes by the name of Tinkebell.  She tells her story in The Guardian’s Comment Is Free (CiF) section under the headline:  Online anonymity: you want me dead, but who are you anyway?

Doesn’t sound too Brick-ish does it?  But this woman is even more provocative, because her victim status doesn’t come from a mis-placed Titanic sized ego (well, actually it does, in a different way), she is a victim because (get the violins out) lots of people hate her because she killed her cat and had it turned into a handbag for an art project. Continue reading

When Blogger relations goes wrong – time to grow up

Another day, another story about a PR insulting a Blogger.

There’s neat round up from @goodandbadpr of a shocking example of how to do blogger relations badly.

This is not actually a reflection of what I think of Bloggers, I just wanted to turn my cat into a LOLcat

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Get real: not “over-optimised”

News that Google is rolling out new ways to penalise “over-optimised websites”, as reported here by The Drum, is news only because Matt Cutts has been talking about it recently – in fact, this has been Google’s focus for a long time now.

If your website is over-optimised then you’ve been getting bad advice from your SEOs; search marketing should be just as much about thinking about your human visitors as the search engine robots. Are you at risk of being penalised?

Pinocchio became a real boy - can your website get real too?

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Diary of a freelance writer #2

How I discover how easy it is to walk into a career in erotic fiction, learn that I need to say what I want, what I really, really want, oh, and get chance to plug myself on BBC radio.

This comes up on Google Images on a search for "freelance writer". It's not truly representative as I'm actually wearing Uggs & legging

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Social networking, blogging? Remember it’s like yelling in the street

Recently an idiotic woman was jailed after she took to Facebook to contact someone involved in the court case that she was acting as a juror on.  Hot on the news of this, several people have been discovered indiscreetly tweeting about court cases and this has led to a broader debate about whether Twitter should be allowed in court.

For god’s sake it’s simple isn’t it? Why can’t commentators grasp that Twitter and all the other social networks are just different media and it’s how you use them that matters?

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