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Marketing to a local community – have you considered everything?

Localisation can be a great tool for marketers, but it’s a more complex issue than it seems at first glance. So whether you are using nifty geo-targeting plug-ins, or crafting large campaigns, make sure you’re not making generalisations that could harm your efforts.

This is the first result in Google Images for “Northerner”

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When Blogger relations goes wrong – time to grow up

Another day, another story about a PR insulting a Blogger.

There’s neat round up from @goodandbadpr of a shocking example of how to do blogger relations badly.

This is not actually a reflection of what I think of Bloggers, I just wanted to turn my cat into a LOLcat

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Get real: not “over-optimised”

News that Google is rolling out new ways to penalise “over-optimised websites”, as reported here by The Drum, is news only because Matt Cutts has been talking about it recently – in fact, this has been Google’s focus for a long time now.

If your website is over-optimised then you’ve been getting bad advice from your SEOs; search marketing should be just as much about thinking about your human visitors as the search engine robots. Are you at risk of being penalised?

Pinocchio became a real boy - can your website get real too?

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Will marketers spoil Pinterest?

News that Pinterest is about to launch a new design for profile pages follows on from the flurry of articles covering the rapid growth of this newest kid on the social networking block.


Will marketers ruin Pinterest?

Are we about to spoil a good thing?

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Social networking, blogging? Remember it’s like yelling in the street

Recently an idiotic woman was jailed after she took to Facebook to contact someone involved in the court case that she was acting as a juror on.  Hot on the news of this, several people have been discovered indiscreetly tweeting about court cases and this has led to a broader debate about whether Twitter should be allowed in court.

For god’s sake it’s simple isn’t it? Why can’t commentators grasp that Twitter and all the other social networks are just different media and it’s how you use them that matters?

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SEO considerations for press releases

SEO-PR is a rapidly changing sector, but in terms of content for press releases, there are some basic rules to follow to make your news work more effectively online.

The quality of the story should always come first, but a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference to the online visibility a press release can achieve.

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