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I am an experienced freelance writer, available for hire…working from the picturesque village of Heath in West Yorkshire.

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To find out more and contact me, it’s probably easiest to connect with me on LinkedIn

My interests are  broad, like a lot of writers I hoard away lots of random information on the things I’ve read about over the years.  Basically, I can turn my hands to anything from marketing copy through to blogging and feature writing. As well as providing you with content I can procure guest posting opportunities and devise content plans and strategic campaigns.

I can be funny, or serious – but most importantly, I guarantee that I will deliver top quality work to deadline. The content I provide will be individually researched and tailored to your specific needs – and it will be search engine friendly too.

After six years working at leading digital marketing agencies I took the plunge to go it alone and work for myself.  In between meeting deadlines for my clients and working on my second novel, I sometimes get  around to sharing my thoughts here on the topics that catch my eye.  This varies from commentary on social media trends & my insights as a home worker through to…well, admittedly immature and sarcastic comments about the latest series of Doctor Who.

I also find time to produce Pop-Art influenced designs (see the samples in my header) which can be found on my Pinterest profile – I love doing these, so let me know if you would like to commission any.

About me

Frieda Kahlo (l), Jenny (r)

My career to date:

Having originally trained as a Journalist, I’ve been working in online news and marketing for over 10 years now, doing a mixture of editorial and commercial content production which has ranged from interviewing celebrities, writing news reports / press releases and planning promotions – through to providing strategic advice on content streams for online marketing campaigns.

Previously, I managed an award-winning team (Econsultancy Awards 2011 – Innovation in Online PR) that delivered over 40,000 words of content per month, at one of the UK’s leading search marketing agencies (Stickyeyes).

To request a printable version of my Portfolio and CV leave a comment below, thanks. (All comments are moderated, before being published.)

Do get in touch to request a copy of my Portfolio

Do get in touch to request a copy of my Portfolio

Questions you might want to ask me about this blog

Q – Why Sunshine on Heath?
A – I live in Heath and we (occasionally) get sunshine here. It’s a pun on ‘Sunshine on Leith‘ by The Proclaimers, one of the best songs ever written.

Q- You say you know about SEO, but this website isn’t optimised, how come?
A – I know! This website is a work in progress.  My clients have always been my top priority (and continue to be), so even though this website is vital for me to tout for business, it might take a while before it’s “done properly”.

Q – Your Klout Score is rubbish, why should I hire you?
A – Yes, I agree that I have a low Klout Score.  They also tell me that one of my topics is “doctors”, which I can only assume is something to do with the odd chats I’ve had with fellow Dr Who geeks.  So, really I don’t care what Klout thinks of me.

Q – I found some typos, call yourself a professional?
A – In that case I can only apologise – the whole site is undergoing a thorough review at the moment so aberrant typos should be eradicated.

Q – How can I contact you?
A – It’s probably easiest through LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Thank you

Thanks for visiting – there’s better stuff coming soon!

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